What We Do

Fake news is a problem across a variety of platforms with detrimental impacts. HINTS is a passive network indicator that detects fake news by analyzing the pattern of how it is shared and by whom. The type of news that people have liked in the past is a good predictor of news they will like in the future. HINTS is initialized by seeding it with labeled data, such as content labeled as untrustworthy and accounts that have liked or shared untrustworthy content. Our algorithm then predicts which content will be labeled as fake news later on. Fake news is not a problem in a vacuum. It becomes a problem proportional to visibility. Focusing on people likely to propagate fake news and URLs likely to be fake allows for remediation before the damage is done.

The Details

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Our Technology

Our algorithm differ fundamentally with previous fake news detection methods. See our work.

About the Industry

Learn about current state-of-the-art approaches to combatting misinformation, and how our solutions is a game changer.

Our Team

Natalie Lao, CEO

Natalie Lao is the leader of the team and provides business, management, and policy. She has worked as a PM at Apple, Google, and the MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative.

Elan Pavlov, COO

Dr. Elan Pavlov is an MIT alumnus and an inventor with experience in 3 startups and author of 10+ patents, including the current patent pending for the HINTS algorithm.

Andrew Tsai, CTO

Andrew Tsai is a Masters student in computer science at MIT. He has experience working in big data, machine learning, and inference. In the past, he has worked at eBay and IBM.

Keertan Kini, CIO

Keertan Kini is an MIT alumnus who has worked at Google, Microsoft, Akamai, Barefoot Networks, etc. He has experience with distributed systems, cloud computing, and big data.